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Name:Mr. Nanang Aminuddin [Owner/Entrepreneur]
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Phone Number:62-274-882090
Address:Jl. Tongkol 3 / 11 Perum Minomartani Yogyakarta
Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta
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Registration Date:Aug. 25, 2005
Last Updated:Aug. 25, 2005
Business Nature:Service of Business Services category

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EL TRADUCTOR is a translator company specialized in Spanish - Indonesia or Indonesia - spanish and English - Indonesia or Indenesia - English. The translators of this company are truly have unquestioned capability on this matter since they once living in these country and for many years do so many research on these language.
So do not hasitate your self to ask their service.
And do not hasitate either about price, because this company really dedicate it self to exquisite result.

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